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  • Christine Garabedian

Of Insects, Flowers and Eternity


Only in the darkness can you experience the light.  Only in the chaos can you experience the peace.  Only in Christ can you experience true life. You get to experience life to the fullest here in a broken depraved world system devastated by broken hearts.  Only if everyone could understand that God loves them and wants what’s best for them.  If only we could understand that the lies we hear distort us to deceive us and control us.  Living the easy life is a quick and slippery slope into sin and death.

I understand that the concept of God is so incredibly vast, as it should be, in his infinite being and that makes it incredibly difficult to wrap our tiny minds around who he is.  He is awesome, holy and just! God is love! It makes sense why people struggle to know him and accept his grace, because it all sounds too good to be true.

I make the awful mess and he cleans it up and I still get to go play in forever land and live in his home where the streets are paved with gold.  Our human brokeness has never stopped him from seeking us.  He has been since the beginning and will always be because there is no end for him as there will be no end to anyone, but where we end up it quite a large and vast issue.  The earth and all the creatures in it were designed and created by him, along with the wind, sun, stars, ocean and mountains. All of it belongs to him.  Just think of how many different species there are in just insects, or flowers, they are endless.  This is such a simple yet profound introduction to just how awesome he is.  God created it all, men, women and families all around the world.  Procreation is the very proof of life and the infinite wisdom of a God who is just purely brilliant.  Yet as humans we continue to long for what our hearts ache for which is so very different from what God had in mind for us.  

He knew we would struggle and the struggle is very real and the consequences are horrible.  We want what is pleasure at all costs, what is exciting, self preserving and completely selfish.  But we were not destined nor created for any of that.  We were created for something bigger, higher, something infinite and when we can have self-awareness of who we are and who we need, life can expand to the heights beyond our wildest dreams.  

When we trust in Christ, who is the Word of God, we can learn about who God truly is.  He came to send us the best message ever to warn us of ourselves and save us from an eternity where there is not one good thing in relation to his presence and holiness.  We were made for love, peace and joy.  That is what our hearts long for and Jesus is the only answer.  Only when we surrender our lives completely to Christ and to living out the will of our Father in Heaven can we even begin to learn about what we are doing on this planet anyway. Without Christ life has no meaning - it is just death.  Come to him.

~ Christine Garabedian

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Heidi Chiavaroli
Heidi Chiavaroli

Thank you so much for this, Christine. I love dwelling on how vast God and His love are--thank you for this reminder! Life with him is the most exciting choice. <3

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