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Mission Statement 2016:

"Our mission is to create community within U.N.I.T.Y. and the church and draw nearer to God."






Meaning of UNITY

"U" stands for us. We absolutely cannot attain unity alone. 


"N" stands for need. We not only need each other, but we need God. It is necessary for the youth, as well as the youth leaders, to combine our skills, backgrounds, and gifts to function properly as the body of Christ. 


"I" stands for indestructible and indivisible. Nothing can break us when we stand with the Lord. Nothing can come between us when we are in unity. We won't allow circumstances, gossip, etc to divide us from the love of God. 


"T" stands for together. Praying together, receiving the Holy Spirit together, singing together, eating together, and enjoying fellowship together. 


"Y" stands for Yes. We say "yes" to the Lord. "Yes" to the Holy Spirit. "Yes" to the vision of our Pastor and church, youth leaders and the ministry God has created for us. 

Core Values of UNITY

Love God and others with all our hearts.

Matthew 22:37-40;

Have a deeper relationship with God through scripture, fellowship, and


2 Timothy 3:16,17;

Grow in our faith and strengthen it.

Hebrews 11:1-40;

Reach out to our peers through faithful witness and evangelism.

Matthew 5:16;

Don’t pursue worldly pleasures.

1 John 2:15-17; Hebrews 13:5;

Live life, according to Christ and the joy that he provides.

Psalm 89:15;

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