Think about this challenging passage from Will Mancini in his book "Innovating Discipleship": In January 2010, the now deceased Steve Jobs released the revolutionary product we know as the iPad. Read the words used to describe the product in the introductory video: - When something exceeds our ability to understand how it works, it's sort of becomes magical - It's hard to see how something so simple can be so capable - It's going to change the way we do things we do every day - I don't have to change myself to fit it; it fits me - You get an order of magnitude more powerful - We decided, "Let's redesign it all… Let's redesign and reimagine and rebuilt from the ground up…" When I watched this

WDCC Core Values, Mission and Vision

CORE VALUES GOSPEL-CENTERED PRAYER DEPENDENT BIBLICALLY FOCUSED AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY SERVICE ORIENTED EVERYONE A MINISTER MISSION (based in the Great Commission -Matthew 28:18-20) Helping people find their way back to God and grow in their relationship with God and others. REVIEW OF PROCESS (SO FAR) TO ARRIVE AT THE PRESENT VISION The Church took the following assessments and surveys: NCD survey General discerning of present and desired core values Compiled themes from church SWOT Vision Template survey results MAIN TEMPLATES Spiritual Formation Obedient Anticipation SECONDARY Institutional Renovation Geographic Saturation TERTIARY Leadership Multiplication 2. The deacons and pastor took the

Pastor's Mid-Year Report

The following is the text off the pastor's report from the mid-year meeting on May 18, 2016 ... Change and transition. Most of us hear those words and cringe. Even though we know that change can be good we still recoil from it. Why? Change and transition upend our comfort levels, leaving us insecure and afraid. Change messes with our routines and our understanding of the world and how we live in it. West Dighton Christian Church is in a time of transition and change. You have been for a while and this is a good thing. Change, though uncomfortable, is always healthy. Stagnation is not. Your emotions probably cycle from fear to excitement. That is normal. So in this report rather than give you

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